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Why digital library of videos are important for institutions? Here's what you should know!

The COVID-19 pandemic left many universities and institutions scrambling to find a way to continue classes. This eventually settled in on remote learning, but when things are rushed, any methods adopted can quickly become flawed.

As we question the adoption and benefits of digital content libraries, it's no surprise that ever since the pandemic brought a wave of change into the lives of teachers, students, and institutions, videos have revolutionized the delivery of information and training content.

Whether professors are teaching students through online content or teaching them with practical demonstrations, the acceptance and consumption of videos continue to grow across the spectrum of learners.

Today, videos by institutions to share knowledge is more a necessity than an expectation.

Why videos are important?

The question for institutions today is no longer - “Should I create a video?” Instead, the main focus of the question needs to be on - “How do I create videos that are effective and engaging?"

It is important to note the difficulty of engaging students during live online classes, mainly due to the fact that distractions to students are 3x more at home than in a classroom setting. An explanation of a video with animations and presentations provides valuable context to students that sometimes cannot be gained from textbooks or even with live online lectures easily.

One of the key advantages of videos is that it’s usually easy to access whenever and wherever the information is needed, and learners appreciate this flexibility of engagement. This is also aided by technological advances such as access through mobile devices, faster internet connections, and accessible content that contribute greatly to this development.

Types of videos and courses for an immersive digital content library

The key to having an active learning model is to increase student performance, success, and retention, which all originate from student engagement. And to achieve this, digital libraries play a strong role in moving forward.

Multiple studies have revealed that replacing published materials with videos, guided engagements, structured discussions, and peer instruction through labs or projects is successful in encouraging student engagement.

From Academic & experiential lab videos to skills & entrepreneurship courses, institutions have the opportunity to invest in the right way to create a virtual learning environment for their students.

At VROOK, we help universities and institutions as e-learning partners in the creation of highly engaging videos using 2D and 3D motion graphics for the enablement of digital teaching and learning process. Here is an overview of the different types of content developed for various universities and institutions by VROOK - Link here.

If you are one of those institutions looking to innovate and create engaging digital learning content for your students, we would love to help you, please let us know.